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Computer alarm clock software

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Computer alarm clock software – Now with this PC program you can set your favorite MP3 or CD songs as the ring sound.

In attempt to make waking up for a work a more pleasant experience, this program also provides an option of waking to the CD, MP3, audio, video or the MPEG movies. Additional features include Gentle wake, Weekend Sleeper, Auto-Shutdown function, built-in play lists editor…
Main Features:

Supports a wide spectrum of file formats, include video and audios.
Supports about all of media file types. This brand new version also play CD tracks, WAV audios, AVI videos and MPEG movies.

You can set up set an infinite number of alarms.
Supports fade In (Gentle Wake) and Fade Out function!
The gentle-wake feature will gradually increase the volume to ensure a gentle and certain awakening. Oppositely, the fade out function is good for a lullaby.

Support Weekend Sleeper feature
The the Weekend Sleeper function will prohibit alarms from going off on weekends (or any other regular days you choose).

Supports the play list!
You can use the built-in play list editor to edit your own play list. One of our users lived alone in Paris and she like to play some audio songs at first, when she is totally awaked, she will see her husband and two years old baby’s video on the screen (sometimes with her baby’s crying or laughing), then she will get up and have her breakfast with some other music.

Sleep and Slumber feature enabled now!
With the sleep/slumber feature, you can listen to music while falling asleep without the worry of having to turn off the power. It will be automatically shut off after the playback is end.

Other features:

* “Always on top” feature
* Separate displays for time, date and day of the week
* Possibility to position the main screen anywhere on the screen
* Detection of another running copy hiding in the system tray
* Auto-save of settings
* Full install/uninstall support
* Pure Win32 API code
* Set your video as screensaver

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