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Photographer Shoot-off Lara Jade VS Joey L

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Get inside the minds of photographers Lara Jade and Joey L as they compete head to head in photo shoots around the world. In “Photographer Shoot-Off”, the rivals are given a range of different challenge topics in which they must interpret and execute in their own way. The lessons range from having to create an image in a controlled environment such as a studio, to photographing a complete stranger somewhere new and unplanned. Both of the photographers have completely different styles, and approach each challenge differently. Learn how each photographer directs, professionally lights , composes, and Photoshops their final images. Follow along from start to finish with no information held back. The tutorials contain knowledge spanning years of each photographer’s career. Who will be the victor?

…Does it matter? After all, every photographer views the world in a different way. Photographer Shoot-off will inspire your own unique vision. This tutorial is jam-packed with technical info and enough lights to make any gearhead’s head spin. It took Lara and Joey 2 years to complete the project, ?lming sporadically and carefully assembling the pieces from all corners of the world.

Disk 1 Overview

Challenge 1: Color Portrait
For the color portrait challenge, Joey photographs the singer of rock band Foxy Shazam. Joey uses a giant home made orb-like light modifier and a smoke machine to create the effect of fire. In Photoshop, many different elements are composited together to enhance the drama of the final shots. Meanwhile, Lara gets creative and shoots a birthday themed fashion story. She uses simple props and minimal, yet highly effective lighting. In Photoshop, she uses selective color techniques to invoke the color tones of vintage photography.

Challenge 2: On Location
Even when using just natural light, Lara shows how to be in complete control and get fantastic results. In Photoshop, Lara removes blemishes and selectively lightens and darkens areas of the body that highlight the model’s best features. Joey is on location in India and photographs a traveler encountering a completely new world. Using a single flash and soft light, Joey combines his studio light with the ambient sunset to make certain elements in his image stand out. In photoshop, he enhances a natural sun flare and color grades his image with an earth tone color palette.

Disk 2 Overview

Challenge 3: Photograph a Stranger
Joey goes all the way to a remote location Bolivia to find pure strangers. There, he uses his people skills to win over the shy locals. Joey uses a portable lighting setup which is run completely on battery power. In Photoshop, Joey uses custom HDR techniques and uses advanced techniques to merge a large panoramic image together. In Hawaii, Lara convinces a local girl to be photographed in the ocean with a special underwater camera housing. Afterwards, Lara gives her final image an “underwater” color cast with dreamy, atmospheric tones.

Challenge 4: Studio
Lara uses a projector combined with a studio lighting setup to obtain beautiful, unique results. She then enhances her final raw image in Photoshop. Joey does not have access to studio space and is forced to make a shoot happen in his own apartment. Using the correct lighting, he manages to execute his concept in a small, cramped environment. In Photoshop, Joey uses layer masks to add in elements from other pictures.

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